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Mobile First POS delivers superior restaurant/retail POS environments.

Fine Dine In, Take out & Delivery

Inventory management, built-in customer loyalty, automated purchasing.

Table Layout

Everything you need to run your business, from payments to invoices

Inventory & Recipe Management

Configurable reporting capabilities, completely integrated restaurant management software

Premium Support

Best in class support for your restaurant, and retail businesses

Employee Management

We provide the tools you need to run your business more effectively and efficiently

Customer Tracking

Manage your inventory more effectively and develop stronger customer relationships

Mobile First Cloud POS Solution - Products

Mobile First Cloud POS Solution

Designed from the ground up to be mobile, the Tabit solution implements mobile best practices and offers a business-process oriented solution to address both restaurant operators and their customers.

Tabit is a cloud-based solution, deployed using the latest cutting-edge technologies, and utilizing tablets and smartphones as the primary touchpoints – eliminating the need for traditional on-premise software installation and support. Built upon a single unified platform, Tabit offers a set of solutions that address the entire restaurant ecosystem, thus reducing the need for multiple integration points, and breaking down legacy information silos. The solution is easy and fast to deploy.

Tabit supports multiple touchpoints serving both restaurant operators and their customers, while consistently utilizing the same business logic and unified database. Various stakeholders within the restaurant can leverage these capabilities: Servers, Kitchen staff, managers, greeters and even the customers themselves.